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Nightmare Clearwood Experience

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

I feel it's my responsibility to share my experience with Prof. Peter Jovanovic and his herpes "cure", Clearwood. I hope those reading will heed warning before purchasing this product. Feel free to ask questions below.

My wife and I found out about Clearwood from a YouTube video in August 2017 titled "Ozone Therapy and Clearwood, Herpes Cure" . The video was promising and stated Clearwood cures Herpes. Note I said "cure", not "treat". The video clearly states that Clearwood combined with Ozone Therapy is a cure for the herpes virus.

After doing some research we found Prof. Peter Jovanovic, creator and sole vendor of Clearwood. We proceeded to have multiple phone calls with Prof. Peter Jovanovic. He stated that over 250 patients had finished the therapy with an over 80% success rate. Our next question was pertaining the cost of the Clearwood supply, to which he responded with $11,000 USD. He also informed us that the actual cost would be much more, as this is a two-pronged approach and required Ozone IV's as well.

Prof. Jovanovic would not inform me as to what the substance contained, which makes it impossible to do any research on the compounds themselves. He said it was "proprietary information" and was an "herbal concoction", which could mean just about anything. He also informed me that the package might be confiscated at customs, leading me to think this substance is not approved in the United States. I assumed he was not telling me what was in the Clearwood due to me not being a paying customer. After agreeing to the price and out of sheer desperation, I agreed to send the money to which he required to be a direct bank wire transfer. I wired him $11,000 for the Clearwood the next morning.

After Prof. Peter Jovanovic had received the funds for the Clearwood, I called him again to discuss the compound and the therapy protocol. Now that I had already paid him, I asked again what was in the Clearwood and to my surprise he was still withholding that information. This is when I realized things were starting to go awry. Why would you not inform a paying customer as to what is in the product you are selling them? I repeated that it was necessary information in order to find a doctor who would agree to administer the Clearwood. With the liability for doctor's in the United States, virtually no doctor would inject an unlabeled substance into a patient without knowing what it's composed . Despite Prof. Jovanovic knowing this fact, he expressed no sympathy and would not disclose anything about the makeup of the Clearwood. The only indicator I had of what was in the bottle, was a label reading "Cassia Alata" as seen in the pictures below.

It took us months to locate a doctor out of town that offered Ozone services AND would agree to administer a "mystery" herbal concoction. After a lot of work, we had tracked down a doctor that was willing to proceed and take the risk. Much respect to that doctor for being willing to help a desperate person in severe need of help. After discovering this doctor, we realized the price including the Clearwood, Ozone, and Vitamin C IV's, the treatment would cost over $20,000 USD. At that time we were barely able to afford a treatment for 1 person, so my wife was set to go first.

Desperate for the cure, we have borrowed funds and relocated to another city to undergo the treatment. Both of us left our jobs, subleased our house, and Airbnb’d next to the clinic the treatment took place.

According to Prof. Jovanovic treatment takes 2 months with IVs 3x week that takes up to 6 hours each.

The first week consisted of Ozone and Vit C IVs.

The second week consisted of 3 Clearwood IVs and 3 Ozone sessions.

We started at a lower dose and each IV the dose went up. On the first Clearwood dose, this being the lowest starting dose, my wife's veins were burning and inflaming. Bruises were apparent after the first session, as well as swelling to the local area.

Third week consisted of 3 Clearwood IVs at a higher dose.

This is where things got really bad. Each IV would burn my wife’s vein so bad they could not use it again. After 3 IV’s all 3 veins inflamed, bruised, developed clots and a month later collapsed. (See photos below). My wife also developed hard "cord-like" veins that almost felt like tendons beneath the skin. It hurt to even bend her arm.

As soon as this issue occurred, we brought it to the attention of Prof. Peter Jovanovic. He denied that Clearwood could ever do that and stated that my wife is just "weak", instead blaming her for the situation.

Since my wife’s veins collapsed she was not able to continue with a treatment. I decided to test Prof. Peter Jovanovic's theory that it was something wrong with my wife, so I agreed to test the Clearwood on myself. I am what I would call the definition of good health. I'm in my mid-20's, never get sick, athletic, etc. After my first session of Clearwood, my vein became "cord-like" and it was difficult to bend my arm. My whole arm from my shoulder down to my hand became painful and swollen. I immediately stopped the therapy and had to heal the damage that was done.

I proceeded to use massage and enzyme therapy to break down the clots and lower inflammation. This worked slightly, and two months later my veins had almost fully healed.

It's now been over 9 months since finishing the Clearwood and Ozone treatment, my wife's symptoms did not change and her veins remained collapsed to this day.

I recently spoke with another person that inquired about Clearwood at the Ozone doc in New York. This doctor to remain unnamed, told him that 3 patients had performed the Clearwood protocol under his supervision and none of them had success, and certainly no tests proving that the therapy had "cured" them. Moreover, he claimed one of the patients developed kidney problems and internal bleeding. This was information that Prof. Jovanovic was aware of before he sold the Clearwood from me, and purposefully withheld.

This Clearwood is dangerous, and we have no idea what damage it is doing to our bodies. It certainly does not cure any virus, including Herpes Simplex virus I or II. Please feel free to discuss your experience with Clearwood in the comment section below so we can avoid scams like this, and help each other on the path to healing.

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